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Membership Categories


Membership in the Philippine Society of Nephrology (PSN) shall be categorized as follows:


Board-Certified Member:

  1. Diplomate
  2. Fellow
  3. Life Member
  4. Life Fellow
  5. Corresponding Member

Board-Eligible Member

  • formerly known as Affiliate Member


  • formerly known as Associate Member

Honorary Fellow



Membership in the Society shall be open to physicians licensed to practice in the Philippines, of good moral character and ethical in the practice of the medical profession.


A PSN Diplomate must:

  1. be a Diplomate of the Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine (PSBIM) of the PCP or the Specialty Board of the PPS.
  2. be a PSN Board-Eligible Member for at least one year.
  3. be certified by the section or department head to have completed all the requirements of two (2) years of formal training in Nephrology in a PSN accredited or an internationally recognized nephrology training institution as approved by the PSBN.
  4. have passed the PSBN written and oral examinations.
  5. have presented or published, as primary author, at least one scientific article in the field of Nephrology.
  6. submit letters of recommendation from two (2) PSN Fellows in good standing.


A PSN Fellow must:

  1. be a Fellow of the PCP or PPS.
  2. be a PSN Diplomate in good standing and in active clinical practice as a nephrologist for at least two (2) years.
  3. have actively participated in PSN programs and projects continuously for at least two (2) years or published a research work in nephrology in a peer-reviewed journal. The research work must have been done after becoming a PSN Diplomate.
  4. be favorably endorsed by at least two (2) PSN Fellows in good standing.

 Life Members

The title of a PSN Life Member will be conferred on a member who is at least 60 years of age at the time of application and has:

  1. been a PSN Fellow in good standing for at least five (5) years.
  2. participated substantially in PSN, Inc. activities.

 Life Fellows

The title of PSN Life Fellow will automatically be conferred on any of the following members:

  1. past PSN Presidents.
  2. past PNSP Presidents.
  3. past members of the PSN Subspecialty Board who have completed one (1) term. Each term consists of three (3) years as a member.
  4. past member of the NBOT who has served the Society for at least four (4) consecutive years.
  5. PSN A-One awardees.

 Corresponding Members

A PSN Corresponding Member must:

  1. be a PSN Board-Certified Member who has chosen to reside abroad but has expressed his/her desire to maintain his/her membership with the PSN, Inc.
  2. continue to pay the annual dues.

 Board-Eligible Members

A PSN Board-Eligible Member must:

  1. be a Diplomate of the PCP or the PPS.
  2. be certified by the head or chairman of a PSN-accredited or an internationally-recognized nephrology training institution as having completed a minimum of two (2) years of nephrology fellowship training program.
  3. submit an application letter addressed to the NBOT and endorsed by at least one PSN Fellow in good standing. [Note: A Board-Eligible Member who does not become a PSN Diplomate after three (3) years must:
    • re-apply every year;
    • earn the required CME units set by the Cluster on Training; and
    • participate substantially in PSN-related activities.]


A PSN Member-in-Training must:

  1. be a Diplomate of the PCP or have passed the written examination of the PPS Specialty Board.
  2. be certified by the head or chairman of a PSN accredited nephrology training institution as a Fellow-in-Training.
  3. submit an application letter addressed to the NBOT and endorsed by at least one PSN Fellow in good standing [Note: This category of PSN membership is co-terminus with the duration of the nephrology training of the member.]


 Honorary Fellows

A PSN Honorary Fellow must:

  1. be a holder of an MD or PhD degree or its equivalent
  2. have outstanding accomplishments in research and/or clinical nephrology either locally or internationally or must have contributed significantly to the growth and development of nephrology in the Philippines and the realization of the vision and mission of the PSN, Inc