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Organization of Chapters


Regional chapters may be formed. The PSN, Inc. Constitution and By-laws shall govern these chapters. Membership in regional chapters shall be governed by the membership requirements of PSN, Inc.




 Formation of a New Chapter

Regional Chapter shall be composed of at least ten (10) PSN Board-Certified members who are in active practice within a defined geographical area following the DOH regionalization.


A chapter may be formed by submitting a written application addressed to the NBOT.


The NBOT shall decide with finality whether or not the application will be approved.


 Chapter Membership

Membership in Regional Chapters shall be governed by the membership requirements of the PSN, Inc. and other such requirements mandated by their areas of practice, provided that the latter additional requirements are approved by the NBOT.


PSN Members starting a practice in a geographical area covered by the Chapter must activate their membership by writing to the Chapter President.


 Chapter Board of Trustees (CBOT)

The CBOT, shall be composed of PSN Board-Certified Members in good standing for at least two (2) years and shall be elected and inducted during the Annual Convention of the Society in accordance with the Election Code of PSN, Inc.


The Chapter Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The other three (3) shall act as Board Members. All seven (7) members of the CBOT shall have voting privileges. The immediate Past President shall be the 8th member of the CBOT with no voting privilege.


The election of Chapter Officers shall be supervised by the PSN Committee on Elections in consonance with the Election Code of the PSN, Inc.


Duties of the Chapter Officers shall be as provided below.


   The Chapter President shall:

  1. be the Chair of the CBOT and lead in setting priority goals and implementing strategies towards their achievement.
  2. preside over all CBOT meetings under the accepted rules of parliamentary practice.
  3. direct the overall operations of the Chapter and assume all the duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed by the CBOT.
  4. report Chapter projects and accomplishments during the Annual Business meeting.
  5. be the official representative of the Chapter in all ceremonies, meetings, affairs, proceedings and transactions involving PSN.
  6. perform such other duties that are consistent with the By-laws.


   The Chapter Vice-President/President-elect shall:

  1. assist the Chapter President in the discharge of his/her duties.
  2. perform all the duties of the Chapter President in his/her incapacity, illness, resignation, or death and complete the unexpended term.
  3. automatically be the Chapter President for the following term. In case the position of the Vice President becomes vacant, it shall be included in the regular election of the CBOT.


   The Chapter Secretary shall:

  1. act as custodian of all the records of the Chapter.
  2. prepare the minutes of the meeting for approval of the CBOT.
  3. perform such other duties that the CBOT may assign.


   The Chapter Treasurer shall:

  1. act as custodian of all funds, assets and properties of the Chapter.
  2. keep track of all funds, contributions and donations to the Chapter.
  3. report all financial activities including detailed statements of funds.
  4. disburse funds with official vouchers and checks approved by the Chapter President and signed by any two (2) of the official signatories.
  5. present an audited financial report of Chapter finances during the annual Chapter’s meeting.
  6. perform such other duties that the CBOT may assign.


   The Chapter Board Member shall:

  1. attend at least 75% of the CBOT meetings, and other official PSN-related activities. Inability to satisfy this requirement will disqualify him from running for future elective positions.
  2. participate in the corporate acts of the CBOT.
  3. perform such other duties that the CBOT may assign.


The CBOT shall be elected and inducted during the Annual Convention at the same time as the NBOT, under the supervision of the Committee on Elections and in consonance with the Election Code of the PSN, Inc.


Any Chapter Officer or Member of the CBOT who gets elected to the NBOT shall give up his/her position in the CBOT upon assumption of office in the NBOT. 3.7. Tenure of Office of the CBOT


The term of office of the CBOT shall be one (1) year with reelection to a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms in the same position.


Any issue regarding tenure shall be decided with finality by the NBOT.


 Chapter Duties & Responsibilities

Local Duties of the Chapter.

   The Chapter shall:

  1. hold meetings at least twice a year.
  2. identify concerns pertinent to the practice of nephrology in their area.


National Duties of the Chapter

   The Chapter shall:

  1. participate in projects of the PSN, Inc. with a national and international scope.
  2. coordinate with the NBOT regarding identified chapter problems and their recommended solutions.
  3. submit an annual report of chapter projects and accomplishments, including, but not limited to, the chapter’s financial status during the annual Chapter’s meeting.
  4. conduct the mid-year convention on a rotational basis following guidelines set by the NBOT.
  5. adhere to the Code of Ethics of the PSN, Inc.
  6. cascade the National PSN, Inc. organization into its own committees and clusters when appropriate.



   The Chapter shall:

  1. receive a portion of annual dues of chapter members as approved by NBOT.
  2. receive a portion of income/proceeds of the midyear convention they hosted after
  3. submitting an audited financial report as approved by NBOT.
  4. be represented in the NBOT through the designated Chapter Representative.